BELONG to the new home of exclusivity.

We know that you demand the best life has to offer, so as a highly esteemed Commercial Bank card member, it gives us great pleasure to present to you our new Limited Edition Rewards Program, the region’s most prestigious and exclusive card rewards program.

Designed exclusively for our card members, the program is our way of showing our appreciation for your membership. Every time you use your Commercial Bank credit card you will earn points, which you can then redeem towards a range of prestigious and highly exclusive gifts from some of the world’s most luxurious brands. From limited edition watches to the latest must-have bags, stunning jewelry and even yachts and cars, you won’t believe the superb and stylish gifts on offer.

As you browse through the catalogue you will discover that each gift has been especially selected because it is unique and inspirational. For many it will be a privilege to have the opportunity to own one, ensuring you make a statement in any environment, whilst complementing the success that is you.

Membership at this level unveils a world of opportunities that have never been so rewarding.

Commercial Bank of Qatar